Day trading is more than just finding a strategy and practicing it and trying to make some money. As a good day trader, you should develop some specific traits that will help you traverse the confusing landscape of the market and hopefully have more winning trades than losing ones.

In this article, we will be discussing about the Top 10 Forex Brokers traits that a trader should always have if he or she aspires to be a successful one. You should definitely develop the following traits!


This is one key trait for a successful trader. The market provides almost unlimited Finance Brokerage FSMsmart Review opportunities to trade and you can definitely trade thousands of different instruments at any time of the day. However, that doesn’t mean that all of these opportunities should be grabbed and jumped at. You should have the discipline to do just nothing until a perfect opportunity comes your way.

Discipline requires you to know when to act and, more importantly, when not to act. Most of the time, the most successful traders are those that have few but high quality trades in place.


This has something to do with discipline. As mentioned, day trading and all types of trading requires you to wait for many things because doing something. When you are entering or exiting the market at not-so-good times, you would most likely say that your timing is off.

Jumping in or out of trades too early or too late is a very common problem among newbies, rookies, and beginner traders. That’s just simply because they haven’t developed the right amount of patience for them to be able to wait until there something worthy of taking action.


There will never be two trading days that are very much exactly alike. This means that you got a problem when you only look at textbook examples of strategies. When you go to implement the strategy that you have learned, everything would seem different from what examples you have been given. Perhaps there’s higher volatility, lower volatility, or a stronger or weaker trend or range.

Successful traders implement their strategies and plans of action in all types of market conditions and they know when they ought not use such strategies. This of course requires you to have some amount of mental flexibility. You should be able to look at the price action of every day and determine the way to implement yours strategies based on the conditions that are present on the day of trading.

Mental Endurance

In simple words, you have to be thick skinned. The market will always bombard you with losing trades and you need to charge back quickly. If you easily feel discouraged or disheartened every time you lose a trade or your strategy fails to bring you the result you expect, your trading life will feel like nightmare. However, you have to keep in mind that having losing trades is very common even among the most successful traders in the market.

The difference, however, between a successful trader and an unsuccessful one is that the successful trader has comparatively higher wins on his winning trades than they lose in their losers.