Nowadays, there are plenty of different companies who decide to work together and cooperate. It is one of the main characteristics of today’s entrepreneurial world. Cooperation and interdisciplinarity have become a key element to succeed in business. Competition is understood differently, and this has opened new workspaces of collaboration where diverse companies work as a team.

In these team environments, it is necessary to be able to identify each one of the people involved. Teamwork can be exhausting since many ideas and people have to agree to be carried out and imagine how tiring it would get if you have to learn new names and new positions all the time.

People at know the importance of a good ID card, they have sorted out the essential elements a card should have and why. Most people think a good card is just a nice picture with a name. However, the truth is that a proper ID card needs to identify the person correctly and also to display the kind of information that is relevant to the company and the other parties involved, be it another company or regular civilians.

Features in an ID card:

  1. A clear front facing picture:

Most ID cards will feature a clear and visible picture of its wearer. This picture is big enough so that the face of the person can be easily recognized and compared to the wearer instantly. Most ID cards are made so that the picture occupies most of the front face of the card, and the features of the person are not distorted by the format or aspect ratio of the picture.

  1. Legible name:

The name on the ID card must be displayed using an adequate font that is easily legible from a distance and one that has letters that are not easily mistaken with others when read by most people. This is especially important in the office environment. There are also a lot of myopic people in the workplace, and having the employees name are displayed legibly is a way of demonstrating concern for the people that cannot see that easily from a distance.

  1. Job position

This is very important in the sense of community and hierarchy. People who can see an employee position easily can know what to expect from them when they see him or her in unusual work environments, such as meetings or interdepartmental collaborations. Job position also indicates hierarchy; this means that everyone who sees this employee, can easily recognize his or her position in the company and know which themes are a priority to that employee in particular. This behavior can save a lot of time in the workplace, and encourage respect among employees.

  1. Company’s name:

One of the main features of an ID card is the company’s name. This is the name that everyone has in common with each other and the reason everyone is under the same roof every day of the week. The placement of the company’s logo or name is so important that companies often include them on the lanyards that hold the ID cards around the neck of their employees. This placement of the name of the company is often done so for employees to see the name of the company when they grab their ID card daily.

  1. Attractive design:

There are, however, some companies that have decided to take this one step further and save more information in ID cards, such as: exact time of entrance and exit of work, bonuses and awards received at work, personal information, social networks and even some banking info that could be linked directly to their financial institution or not.

Another important aspect of wearing ID cards is where it is on. Having great ID cards is useless if the employee keeps it in a pocket and out of clear sight. Besides of having to take it out at every door, it is not convenient since it could be easily lost or forgotten at home. The best is to have it hanging with the use of lanyard, this way it would be easy to reach and show to any who may request it.