Definition of Content Marketing

As the name suggests, that its a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of content online for the purpose of imparting knowledge and answering the question of the audiences. It can be done through social media posts, blogs, videos, articles etc. it can also be defined as the technique for creating the creative, valuable and relevant content to attract the audience and gain traffic for the site can be considered as Content Marketing.

Since it is also a marketing process, hence it also requires the platform for promotions, to get noticed, and to go viral. This helps in business for the marketers, as well as gain the popularity by content and its writer.

Many business oriented people aim in expanding the business and for them this is the best platform for doing so. Describing about their business over a blog or on social media helps in giving them exposure and delivering website traffic and leads. Likewise, even content that has been created needs a platform to get viral, to get noticed. Good content does needs experimentation on different platforms and features.

Let us make you aware of many other platforms that can be helpful for content marketing.

  • Facebook

This is the priority when sharing of content is taken in mind. Almost every second person is an active user on this very particular social media and hence strikes in everyone’s mind first. One can like, share and express its views by commenting on the link. This allows us to make direct contact with the customers as it has chatting facility available. Not only this, one can also create and design the page in which features can be mentioned.

2) LinkedIn

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn carries relationships professionally. Hence, many companies’ profiles can be visited here as well. This ensures much more relevant audience as companies may be found in different communities which have been created for the convenience of the visitors itself. For example, LinkedIn has different community for the automotive industries, sales industries, content marketing companies. This network also is contained with a publishing blog feature. This helps many experts to share their ideas and feedback over the content that has been shared.

3) Twitter

This is also now fast emerging and famous social network platform. This microblogging site totally changed the way in which people express their thoughts in just 140-character limit. This social site allows business to interact directly with the customer. This is termed as “Tweets” and “Retweets”. This social site is now on number one trending after Instagram and Facebook.

4) Triberr

This platform is the mixture of social site with marketing automation tool that generates more traffic on the site. It works by helping the content creators that refer each other towards the audience. But this includes paid options for boosting the content. If in any case, the writer is of the view to boost the content, this will be totally paid option available for him.

5) Google+

Google, the spine of the search engine, browsing, blogs etc. also has feature developed for the writers as well. Just like Google, Google+ also works as the spine to all the authors. This is the tool very critical for marketers. Google+ allows a writer or marketer to attach a content in the profile with the help of Google Authorship.

This also helps in SEO building to large extent as it not only boosts the content strength but also helps ensure that our work ranks higher in search engine.

It also is consisted of Communities. These communities comprises of people ranging from hundreds, thousands or so on and are united by one single interest. This single interest could be travellers, salesmen, business people and similarly authors, thinkers, writers and so on.

Content Sharing Platforms for specific media

  • YouTube

Visual content sharing is also now the most trending part of the promotion. It can be said that, this could be because of lack of time nowadays with people. So instead of taking out time especially to read out the content, the content that has visual graphics with voice is much simple to understand and read out. Hence, YouTube is also now the topmost trending social platform for the visuals. This social platform is the spine to all the videos that needs to be shared and noticed.

2) Instagram

Another social platform that is trending because of the feature of sharing both images with captions and videos as well. This is now also turned into the famous business promotion site. Many business from big to small scale are utilising this platform for the promotion.

There is no better understanding than to experience itself. So get set and experience how these platforms works and what is the outcome for you. All the best! Keep experimenting.