There are certain unique things when it comes to marketing TV shows and films. An incredibly important element is timing where there is a need for a lot of hype to be built in just a short span of time possibly up to the day of the launch. TV shows and films are often content gold mines too- a remarkable privilege especially in terms of crafting marketing strategy content for an upcoming launch.

While there is no exact science involved in marketing these shows, there are many lessons that can be learned from the experience of those that have successfully and even unsuccessfully marketed these shows before. Read on to find out more about strategies, ideas, case studies, and tactics that can help you create an exceptional marketing campaign for a new TV show.

Publicity stunt would be very important. According to experienced television producer Mark Deitch BBC, part of getting shows to a good start would be to hype them up. Doing something remarkable would often lead to being talked about and this is something that a show needs in order to get the word out there that it is about to be launched.

If you are doing online marketing, then having video ads that are pre-rolled can do a lot of help. It can be quite an effective tool in drumming up the interest of the trailer on the web. The service is relatively inexpensive and if users skip the video within the first five seconds, then you are not going to be charged.

Make the most of press junkets too. They are often considered as the most powerful tactics in terms of publicity. Making sure that the right people are invited to the event is important since you need to have all the right people to create hype about the TV show on your behalf so more and more people will actually be aware of it.

You want viewers to be able to experience whatever story it is that you want to tell. Some would even create apps or games related to the TV show which makes it easier for viewers to experience the characters and the settings in the TV show to be experienced by the ordinary public. Ultimately, if they are happy with what they are experiencing, they can be most helpful at spreading word of mouth about you.

Have the show advertised too. Having the show listed on IMDB also helps. Millions of online users actually visit sites like IMDB every day with the hopes of searching for more information about a new show or film. This is a very good chance to explain the show better through comprehensive details on the show’s IMDB page. Just like Google, IMDB is a search engine and hence, is generally influenced by popularity and relevance.

Do not forget to use social network sites as well. You can have your marketing strategy centred on these platforms so you know that you have not wasted the opportunity to get more people to learn more about the show. Learn more about how to develop a buzz around a TV show by reading about Mark Deitch BBC online.