Technology is changing the world, especially the world of business.  In the real estate market, for example, you can do a wide number of things online. You can invest in real estate online. You can view listings online. You can sign documents with an e-signing service online. And you can even take a virtual tour of a property online

What’s more, you don’t even need to sit in front of a computer to manage your real estate business; you can use mobile apps to do everything.

While the lockstep march of technology and business is not exactly breaking news, the big question is how aware are you of the opportunity’s technology can offer your business.

Here are some ways for your business to stay on top of the latest technology trends:

Take Advantage of Mobile Technology

The key to success in this fast-changing world of business is to use mobile technology rather than rely on desktop devices alone to manage your business operations. This is especially true if your job requires frequent travel to meet with customers, business partners, and stakeholders. With this in mind, it’s useful to be able to access an AT&T store locator to know where to go to buy plans or products for your active business lifestyle.

Still, your awareness of the benefits of mobile technology should not be restricted to thinking about the devices, accessories, and services that you will need. Also, think about your customer’s mobile needs. Is your website mobile-responsive or only looks good from a desktop or laptop? Is there a free app you can distribute to your customers so that they can directly order from your business?

Get up to Speed on Current Technology

How literate are you when it comes to technology?

Do you understand all the functionality available on your smartphone? If you asked a website developer to revamp your website would you know if they wrote good code? If you hired a new person in IT, how good would you be at evaluating their credentials and reviewing their portfolio?

While, of course, it’s not necessary for you to go back to school to catch up on the latest trends in technology or to dedicate your evenings to learning abstruse topics like JavaScript functions, arrays, and objects, you can’t afford to be blissfully ignorant either, passing the decision-making buck to your more tech-savvy colleagues.

Some ways you can familiarize yourself with technology include reading blogs and books and watching general interest videos and documentaries about technology. You might even consider going to a few tech expos to see what’s new and exciting.

Here are three reasons, this exercise in expanding your mind can be useful:

  • You won’t get ripped off by someone you hire when you need to buy a piece of technology, fix a breakdown in your technology, or commission a device or application.
  • You will know how to look up information that you don’t understand after you speak to a tech consultant.
  • You will be able to make decisions about what technology to invest in to take your business to the next level.

 Upgrade Your Futuristic Thinking

The next big technology wave will rock the foundations of capitalism.

The first wave occurred when the internet was born. Suddenly, information that people had to pay a premium price for was free. For instance, you can now take classes from Harvard University in Computer Science just by enrolling in Massive Open Online Courses. If you audit the class, it will be completely free.

The next wave of technology will not only affect your business but the entire economy. For instance, most business practices are based on marginal cost. How will you cope when the Internet of Things (IoT) and the collaborative commons economy becomes mainstream?

In closing, if you are in business, you can’t afford to have a nodding acquaintance with technology. You will need to understand the current state of technology better and anticipate future changes. As a business person, you need more familiarization than the average consumer with what is currently happening in technology and what the future might bring.