health worker

Getting your first job as a health worker is indeed a happy occasion. But you should very careful of not being too blinded by the happiness that you sign off the job contract without reading it thoroughly. That can turn out to be disastrous for you I the future. As such, make sure that you watch out for at least the below six things when signing a job contract.

Job Profile

Read through the contract and make sure that the job description is the exact same as what was told to you. Some companies tend to add in a few extra requirements in the job description that a potential employee would not have been told beforehand. And if they sign the contract without reading through the job description, they might end up having to do certain tasks they dislike. So, make sure that the job description does not contain any unpleasant task that you generally wouldn’t like to do. But if you are choosing the employer through UK’s longest established health and safety recruitment agencies, then you can sign the contract confidently since these agencies are well known to take 100% care of their contract workers.

Working Hours And Extra Time

Read through the working hours of your job and make sure that it is exactly what you expected and that you are comfortable working at such times. Also look out for any extra time that may be required of you and whether such workload is optional or mandatory. If they are mandatory, make sure to calculate the total working hours of the week so that you can determine whether you will be able to work for such long hours or not.

Leaves And Holidays

Look at all the holidays that have been sanctioned by the employer. Also check how many leaves are allowed, per month and per year. Look at how many days before the leave you are required to submit a leave request and whether any sudden leaves invite penalties or not.

Full Salary Details

Complete details of the salary must be noted in the contract. These include things like basic salary, bonuses, pension, health cover, commission, and so on. For bonuses and commissions, look at the targets that you are required to achieve and ensure that they are indeed something that you can achieve.


Every organization will have certain restrictions that the employees are required to follow during the working hours. Read through it and make sure that you are okay with it. If you find any restriction problematic, then talk to the concerned authority to see you can be exempted on account of special reasons or not.

Termination And Notice Period

Finally, read through the terms of termination and see under what conditions the employer might end your contract. In the same way, also check as to how many days have to be set aside as notice period in case you decide to leave the job, and what are the consequences in case you leave the organization without a notice period.