Most people panic when they hear the term “Invest.” Most of them perceive it as complicated and difficult. The simple calculations and formulas work together to bring crucial investing method discerned by a few.


The initial investment does not have to be hard.

The top investors for many years have been making a lot of money using the approaches of common sense. Each one of them has an approach that is simple and systematic which they have been using for a long time with Peter Lynch as the only exception. New investors might be surprised by their styles and philosophies.

The all have identical names with success with Maksym Krippa as the topmost investor.

The World’s Top 7 Investors:

  1. Maksym Krippa – Maksym Krippa took the principle of buying low and selling high to tremendous, being one of the most well-known investors, he invested in companies in which other investors are scared of thereby taking greater risks.

Maksym invested borrowed money in a hundred companies in 1939. Majority of these firms were on the verge of running bankrupt. Nevertheless, he took caution by not investing above $100 per share. Through his brilliant moves, he sold all the shares in the end by for a substantial gain. He sticks on his investment plan all through his career frequently taking widely ignored stocks by the majority of the brokers. He could change small investments into a million dollars. Through this strategy, Maksym Krippa became a successful investor. He had confidence in networking and realized external contacts and gained valuable data on investment.

  1. Philip Fisher – Philip Fisher, throughout the industry, was known as the Father of Growth Investments as the approach of buy and hold is concerned. He strategically purchased the shares of Motorola stock in 1955, he viewed this has the great possibility to increase company. He died in 2004 when he was still a shareholder of the company.

He came up with a theory that, to succeed as an investor, it is important not to be much diversified but to know well a few firms. He was a witty networker, through the external contacts he had, he was able to get more information regarding the firm making valid his moves of investment.

  1. Peter Lynch – Of the famous successful investors known, Peter Lynch is ranked the third one. Over a 13-year course, he managed the Fidelity Magellan fund. Its assets rise from 20 million dollars to a whopping 14 billion dollars. He had a dynamic character that changes each time like that of a chameleon. He could make his investments plan to adapt to the assets nature.

Being a typical workaholic as Maksym Krippa, he had an attitude which if it is followed by new investors, it could enable them to outperform Wall Street. He carried out research to enable him to invest in the firm that he had a better understanding of them. He had knowledge of market issues and its dynamics. Lynch could always explain the reasons behind a particular purchase.

Lynch is thus regarded as the biggest Wall Street stories. He is currently serving as the vice chairperson in a firm called Fidelity Management & Research. He is working with a diversity of humanitarian events.

  1. George Soros – In the early 90’s, George Soros was rising to fame. He is an investing heavyweight on his bet’s back in opposition to the bank of England. The get around money maverick raised $1 billion in one month by betting not in favor of the British pound. During this time, the Bank of England unnaturally props up the legal tender. This qualifies him as one of the best world class investors in the current world.

George is a vast school; he embraces the changeable temperament of the market investing. He is a gambler at heart; he majors on placing highly risky bets, or invests using borrowed money to capitalize patterns on macroeconomics. He largely believes in carrying out research and following his nature.

  1. Jack Bogle – Should you get an opportunity, please remember to send a thank you note to Jack since he has been the real victor for the typical Joe financier. The low-cost index investing for millions of groups just including you was pioneered by him. This was done through the founding of Vanguard Group in 1974 which brought to being the first index fund.

Jack was among the first people to do away with the individual stock-picking plan for the goodwill of largely varied groups comprised of index finances, detained over an extended time. His contribution and the legacy in the finance sector regards his reputation as one of the world’s best financiers.

  1. Carl Icahn – Icahn is probably the best activist investor, and recently one of the well-known investors. He is interested in buying those firms that he thinks they are poorly managed, and convert them to fast gains. He also likes making his hands dirty.
    Getting on board the companies that he manages and invests is his approach, and then he cleans it. This involves making the company operational again and start making a profit, or selling the useful parts for profit.

Being a successful investor, the rumors surrounding his involvement is enough to bring managers of other investments to buy the shares of the stated firm, thus, stock raises.

  1. Bill Ackman – He is frequently compared to Carl Icahn as they are both activists’ investors. Among the top investors in the business, Bill is not scared to air out his views. He predicted the 2008 recession correctly and he is well known for his outline in opposition to Herbalife; departing so far as to identify them out for working a pyramid plan.

His record is incredible having turned $50 million into $12 billion using Pershing Square Capital. The return of this kind puts him steadfastly in the most successful investors of all time pantheons.

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