The top three stressors in life are bereavement, divorce and moving to a new house. The first two are understandable while moving house is less so, until you consider the disruption it causes. Commercial property moves are no less of a burden, as you take your fledgling business from perhaps its first home, to a newer, bigger one, leaving behind the safety and security of the known for the unknown. With all that upheaval in store, it is best to choose a commercial property manager who will help your search for your new work space. Here is how to make sure you choose the right candidate from all the commercial property agents available.

Give online a chance

There is still a lingering suspicion of the online estate agency – this stems from the early days of the internet, when unscrupulous people would try to con people out of money or information. These days are long gone, and internet business is now a sensible option, often offering the same products and services for a more economic price.

Make a shortlist

But do not just stick a metaphorical pin in an online directory, so to speak! Rather, do some research into several property management agencies, come up with a list of qualifying names, and then narrow it down even more, this time using your preferred criteria as regards locations, the types of properties handled and even the tone and style of the website!

Be clear in what you need

If you do not tell businesses what you need, you may be disappointed by their offerings. Be very clear about what you expect from your commercial property agents, no matter whether you are looking for commercial property to let or to buy, and make sure you let them know. Do not be scared to precisely define your needs: the worst that can happen is that you will be offered a compromise!

Make a list

When you are first getting to know your agents, make sure you have a list of questions to hand. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a string of ‘oh-yes’ emails (as in: ‘Oh, yes, I meant to ask…’) while trying to match a property to a business from current property listings. Keep a notebook handy or use the memo feature in your mobile to keep track of all the questions you need to ask, so you can put all your needs to the agency at once.

Work with a property manager

Your needs are important to the people who rely on you to make their living – but they can only ever be as good as the information you give them. Be contactable, reply to emails promptly, and if you do need to be out of touch for a time, perhaps consider giving your property manager carte blanche in your absence. Searching for commercial property for sale in Birmingham for example, is quite different from sourcing it in Manchester – but your property agent will know how to go about both!