International trade is the exchange of goods and services beyond borders. Transactions involving products and labor are part and parcel of overseas trade.

The scale of international trade can be understood with the aid of figures. In the financial year ending 2017, Australia’s two-way trade was worth an estimated 735 billion dollars. This gives us an idea of the importance of trade to a country.

The trade of services includes the movement of labour from one country to another. Countries issue work permits and visas to accommodate skilled labour migrating from other countries.

It is not a new phenomenon at all. However, factors like lengthy documentation and change in laws make it a challenge for all parties concerned.

No guarantees

International students often travel to first world countries to seek a better education. Going abroad for higher studies is the norm.

However, if they are from third world countries, the mechanism of exchange rates will not favor them. Instead, they will end up paying a lump sum to acquire their education. While education can be expensive for native Australians, people from other countries have to pay manifold.

Still, paying extra and obtaining an excellent education is no certainty of employment. While certain managers prefer graduates from top universities like The University of Sydney, credentials alone are not enough to secure a job.

In fact, research conducted shows that the vast majority of employers prefer candidates with experience. Therefore, the solution is to gain an education and also improve your skills set by volunteering, part time jobs and extracurricular activities like sports.

Red Tape

Excessive paperwork can often become a barrier for anyone searching for jobs abroad.

Like we hinted at earlier, companies which grant employment to foreigners must follow through by starting the documentation process. The relevant papers must be submitted to the authorities. Once this step is complete, employment can be formalised.

For instance, Australia is also governed by its own rules. Employers who sponsor foreigners do so through the Australian Subclass 457 Work Visa. It enables the immigrant worker to engage in work for up to four years.

Managing Expectations

A lot of foreigners, particularly those who complete their education abroad, hope to stay behind once they have completed their degree and search for jobs.

It is important for students and foreigners in general to manage their expectations carefully. Quite often, student visas expire not long after the degree in done, which means many foreigners are stuck in a limbo.

To combat illegal immigrants and refugees, countries have adopted strict laws with the passage of time. Australia has maintained its rules carefully, which is why there are far less illegal people in the region, especially compared to USA and UK.

Furthermore, the vast majority of foreigners apply for jobs in densely populated cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The strength in numbers in these regions makes it hard for them to find suitable jobs. Instead, foreigners should seek employment in metropolitan centres or the outskirts of major cities.