Many professionals and companies focus mostly on the end results. It is quintessential to focus on productivity instead. A professional may deliver the results but may take much longer than necessary or desirable. The quality of the results may vary too. Productivity is an effective measure of efficiency, net output and utilization of resources. Every professional should try to increase productivity. This will reduce the workload, free up some time that would otherwise be spent on unproductive tasks and the whole workday would be much more satiating. Here are six ways to boost your productivity.


  • Be aware of time. Do not chase time and don’t try to catch up. Instead, try to finish a job as quickly as possible without any adverse effect on the quality of the outcome. You may or may not have deadlines for every task assigned to you. The company doesn’t have to impose a timeline for every project. You should choose a deadline, a practical one that will allow you to be motivated and that drive will help you to finish sooner than later. It is natural for professionals to be a little inefficient when they don’t have deadlines. Don’t let a particular task or job linger on when you can get it done quickly and spend more time on yourself or with your family and friends.


  • Always have a list of things to do. This could be a list of priorities or a comprehensive routine listing everything that you need to do through an entire workday. You may also include personal commitments on this list. They are as important as your professional deadlines, if not more. Having a stringent routine can seem to be regimental and this may discourage people from endorsing this practice but those who have a well organized approach will always be more efficient and hence productive.


  • Always take breaks throughout the workday. Do not presume that working for five hours or even three hours at a stretch will help you to complete a task sooner. The more you work without taking break, the less efficient you are. The best practice is to work efficiently and diligently for twenty to thirty minutes and then taking a break for five to ten minutes. Walk around, have some water or a cup of tea, speak with your loved ones on the phone. When you resume work after these five to ten minutes of break, you will have renewed energy and a drive to get going again for the next spell of twenty to thirty minutes.


  • You can complete all the easy tasks at the start of the day and then begin working on the most complicate assignment. Or, you can start with the most complex task and then get on to the easy ones. Both approaches can boost your productivity. Switching from an easy task to a hard one and then toggling between the two extremes will be unproductive.


  • Do not spend excess time on meetings or any unproductive activity. Don’t waste your time on casual chats or banter, brooding or procrastinating. Get on top of things and get them done.


  • Finally, live a healthy life and that includes a nutritious diet and regular exercise. Unhealthy people who don’t take care of themselves cannot be productive.


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